Monday, May 22, 2017

We got to Skype with Skibby on Mother's Day--May 14, 2017--and it was wonderful to see and talk to her!  She sent the following email and photos a few days later--on Wednesday, May 17, 2017:

Date:  May 17, 2017 at 10:58 AM
Subject:  Catch up letter.

Hello family!!
Well here is the catch up letter. Basically it's been hard, but it's getting better. It was so great to talk to all of you! 
Last Monday we went to Segovia. We left late and barely made it back on time so it was a little bit of a fiasco. But it was fun. So that's where the pictures come from. Then this Wednesday we went to the temple and then went shopping. My companions really like Chinese food, so we spend a considerable amount of time just browsing the Chinese supermarket. It's fine, don't get me wrong, but there's a lot of slimy things in there that look and smell like they shouldn't be eaten. I don't know how Sammy survived in Cambodia. And then went back!

This week there was a really big rainstorm a few of the days. My shoes are telling the story of that. But don't worry, mom, they are just fine!! I think there is a picture of hna Leong looking for shelter. We were on a street and had been looking for a few minutes for Hna Tang's ring that she lost, (after ling yong gon failed us) and I didn't know what we were going to do because who knows where it could have gone after the rainstorm. We were asking Heavenly Father to help us find it, but al fin, we had to leave. We really worked our hardest to talk to people and fulfill everything we have to do. When we got home, Hna Leong found it on a shelf. Woohoo! Hna Tang was sure she had it on. I don't know what's true, but either way God answered our prayer.

No news on Oscar.

Luz went to France with her husband (luz de Peru, not my Luz) and they should be getting home tomorrow. We are praying that her husband will accept the Gospel.

We are meeting with a family of Peruvians -- Cynthia, Cesar, and their 3 kids. Cynthia is menos activo after mucho tiempo. She doesn't remember anything. Cesar is ..... catolico. But we are just working slowly and surely to help improve their lives. Family prayer. They have a lot of things going on, but Cynthia told me they both feel a lot of tranquility and peace when we are with them. Point for the Holy Ghost!! Cynthia thinks they are lacking going to church and just wants them to be able to go soon. As soon as Cesar can let go a little bit of his weird Catholic traditions they will be able to let the Gospel bless their lives!

I'm sending a letter that Carmen sent me. If you can't understand all of it that's ok. Like Emily, she struggles a little bit with spelling ( jk emily..jajajaja). Hna Quispe told me this story about Carmen:
They were in principios del evangelio. Carmen. Talking about baptism or something. And then Carmen interrupted with a question. About (I'm butchering this story. Hna Quispe tells it so much better) little children and what happens to them when they die without being baptized. So Eva (maestra) stops the class to explain everything and talks about Moroni 8 and everything it entails. At the end Carmen explained, "That's why I got baptized in this church. To learn things!"

Well it's a pretty darn good reason if you ask me, especially if you're learning true doctrine. The church is the best thing that can happen in someone's life. Teaches true doctrine, helps you stay away from evil, you have fun, gives opportunities to serve. Where are the cons?

Thanks for your letters. Have read them but not responded. We'll talk Monday anyway. Keep up the work!
Your favorite

Skibby with her two Chinese-speaking companions

Skibby and companions at Madrid Temple

Our Mother's Day Skype with Skibby (before we got Sam added to the Skype session)

Family Portrait!
At 1:00 pm Utah time, we got a 3-way Skype going with Sam and Skibby!  Sam (left side of laptop screen) is doing an internship in Cambodia this summer, and he joined us at 2 am Monday morning his time.  His roommate was asleep in their room and Sam didn't want to disturb him by turning on the lights, so he joined us in the dark and limited his comments to just a few whispers!  Skibby is on the right side of the screen.  It was 9:00 pm Sunday night for her in Spain.  My parents, Clifta & Boyd Tobler, also joined us.  It was fun having our family "together" again!

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