Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Skibby sent the following email on Monday, May 22, 2017:

Date:  May 22, 2017 at 10:23 AM
Subject:  Hola hola.

Hello Familia! Long time no see? I feel like we just talked and just saw each other so I'll make this short.

We had intercambios [exchanges] on Wednesday and I learned a lot about Ether 3 and how God answers the Brother of Jared 3 times in different ways.
1--direct (makes hole in boat)
2--don't worry about it (protects them from waves and sea creatures)
3--asks us to do all we can (asks Jared what he thinks and then touches rocks)

Well, I learned that all of those are miracles. But they happen in different ways. I am trying to apply this better to my life this week and forever. Sometimes miracles aren't always what we expect them to be, and a lot of times we don't even recognize them. But they are miracles and communication with God nonetheless. I'm grateful for scriptures and inspired leaders that help us receive direction from God.

On Friday we had a lesson with Luz and her husband. We have been praying to melt the ice! (I'm pretty sure this doesn't make sense; what I mean is just trying to have God soften his heart.) Well the lesson was a little bit jumbled. We wanted to talk about the Holy Ghost, and then he had a ton of questions and we didn't finish and she gave us food (mas amorra morada and Peruvian tamales, super rico), but the good news is they both came to church and he wants to learn more and doesn't want to be baptized, but is perfectly happy that Luz wants to. She is in a piso with a single ward member. I don't know why we had to pass through what we did with Oscar, but now I am being especially very careful, so at least I've learned a little bit to help Luz. I will send Oscar a text today, and we will drop him.

Saturday there was a Relief Society talent show that we had to attend and take part in. We took our future investigator Mercedes, who is a doll. It was fun to see a lot of dances from different countries. I was excited when b9 came out with the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.” There are like 3 American families there. 

I missed the sacrament, bringing some people to church.
1. Cynthia and family minus Cesar
2. Miriam and daughter
3. Luz and husband and aunt
4. Fatima and family
5. Some Chinese guy that hna Tang found
It was good and busy and stressful.

That is that. Today we traveled to the mission home and had interviews. Pres wants us to spend considerable time working and finding in Usera. Maybe I'll crack down a little more on my Chinese studying. He says it is a miracle that my 2 companions are here. I hope I am helping.

Love and miss you all!
We disfrutéis su semana!!  [Enjoy your week]

The fav

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