Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Skibby sent us the following email and photos on Monday, October 10, 2016:

Date:  Monday, October 10, 2016 at 9:18 AM
Subject:  Hola Hola

     Well it’s been another week here in Mostoles. Carmen was baptized on Saturday and Elian, the amigo of the Elders, was baptized on Sunday. Carmen is a pearl. She was sooo excited for her baptism. I went with a member of our ward to prepare Carmen while my companion waited for an investigator who didn’t show up. But on the way to the elevator, we ran into Juan, Carmen’s son. I asked him if he was going to come to the baptism this evening. He said, "who’s baptism??" Carmen hadn't told him anything about her being baptized, which is a miracle because she really likes to talk. But in the end, Juan put on a nice shirt and came to her baptism. This was the biggest miracle of all for Carmen, and she was on cloud nine. We will continue to visit Carmen and reteach her all of the lessons. 
      Elian is a funny guy. He works for Herbal Life. He basically does what we do, except he’s selling stuff. We had a free exam or something with him. He examined my health and tried to sell his product to us. He pretty much explained the Great Apostasy using cells and a lack of vitamins rather than generations and a lack of truth. Both of them are a great addition to the ward.
      Mostoles is special. The members are amazing. We eat at a member’s house almost every day. It’s different for me to be in a place where literally everyone is a convert to the church. The members are really strong. The only problem is- lots of them live in pueblos 30 minutes away by bus, so it’s hard to have members at lessons. Which is essential. But anyway, I’m increasingly impressed by the strength and dedication of the members.
     I have definitely seen the Lord manifesting that this is his work. God answers prayers in mysterious ways. They are usually small, but they always come. One day, Hna Mendoza was talking to Carmen about "pequeno milagros" (small miracles) and Carmen said, "No miracle is small!" And she’s right. Although things that are answers to prayers sometimes seem really small, they are miracles, and evidence of the Lord's hand. I'm going to keep looking for the small details, but Big Miracles that happen every day.
Love you all!!
Have a great week!


Carmen was baptized!

The view from our pisa (apartment)

We were the only ones in the metro

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