Thursday, August 4, 2016

Skibby sent the following email and pictures on Thursday, August 4, 2016:

Date:  August 4, 2016 at 7:07 AM
Subject:  rush hour

Hola. This is rush hour. It’s the most stressful time of the week. That’s what everyone says. And they’re right. I have 14 minutes to write this email, so I’ll try to make it snappy.

I love and miss all of you!! But I love all the people here in the CCM. I’m trying to love the people on the metro and in the park. I know that God loves me and cares about me. I learn more about Jesus’s love for us everyday while teaching fake investigators (which it turns out is hard to do). Mostly, there’s just a lot of love going on.

This week at the park was awesome. A little more rough than last week, but still great because we did our best. We talked to a couple for at least 30 minutes about science. They only believe in science because they cannot see God and there is lots of suffering in the world. Ug, how do you explain faith to them? They were very patient and sweet with us, and it was so frustrating because they’re good people, and they could love the gospel so much, if they were only willing to listen and consider us. Then this older guy came and asked what we were doing and what our name tags meant and stuff. Sounds like the dream right? He couldn’t understand why we would pay to come here and sacrifice school and getting married. We tried to explain, but he didn’t really want to listen because he was Roman Catholic. I forced him to take a restoration pamphlet anyway. Ug, if only he could understand. I can’t wait to be a good missionary and know how to communicate!! Don’t worry though, I’m trying to be patient!

Sunday we watched 17 Miracles. You wouldn’t believe how hyped up all of us were to watch a movie. We watched it in the sala grande which is where all our meetings are, and it was almost better than any movie theatre I’ve been to.

The new transfer came on Tuesday. We have more Russians and more Spanish speakers. Those are the only 2 languages right now. We did have 3 Portuguese, but they left. I love and miss them. I played the piano for one of them to sing “I Feel Our Savior’s Love.” It was awesome. Everyone here can play the piano.

On Sundays we sing on the temple ground steps. It could sound good if we started on the same pitch and if we were singing a language we knew. But there aren’t very many people there to listen, and I think the ones that do get a kick out of us anyway. I just sing loud and smile a lot.

I met my President!! One of the new Elders was a convert at age 18, served as a Branch President for 2 years, is 25, and is now a missionary. Pres and Sis Pack came to set him apart. His testimony was strong and powerful. It’s for these people we have to serve missions.

WORDS I’ve learned in Russian:
hello- priviet
good bye- das ve danya    or paka paka
yes- da
thank you- spaceba
good job- malodietz

Add those to your vocab. They’re fun. Love you all again, have a marvailloso week,
Hermana Skibby Christensen
Skibby with President Packer (CCM President) & Sister Packer

Skibby's district

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