Friday, July 29, 2016

Skibby sent us the following email and pictures on Thursday, July 28, 2016:

Date:  July 28 at 6:57 AM
Subject:  Que Pasa, mufasa!?

Hola Hola!!
I can't believe it's been another week here!
Here's the lowdown:

My companion is great. Her name is hermana Webster and she's from the land of bigger things -- Texas.  We're pretty different, but we get along pretty well. The two most common things I hear daily from her are, "get it hermana" and "Texans, you know how they are." There are 5 of us in a room, so some companionships are split up. The Russians leave next week. That means we'll be getting some new ones, but also a bunch more native speaking Spain bound missionaries. The Russians are great, and I'll miss them. They seem so much older than the rest of us, but they're not. Just had six more weeks of mtc time than we have.

It's hot outside -- honestly not that hot, but they keep it really cool in the CCM. The trees here are beautiful.

We get to go to the temple every p-day. I'll try to send pics if I can figure out how. Technology is a struggle. The temple is gorgeous.

Que Mas, que Mas?  Almost all my teachers are native Spanish speakers, so they should help us a lot more than provo mtc teachers. I'm really not that great at Spanish, but I know it just takes time and practice.

The park this Saturday was awesome!!! It's the Retiro park in Spain.  I don't know, maybe you can look it up with Google maps??? My companion was hma Twede (who is great) and we talked to lots of people, using Emily's little dictionary. We got a referral from a couple on their way to Catholic mass. I hope they follow it and learn it, so they can see much more they can have in their lives! There's a guy who plays jazz on his trumpet, so we contacted by him. It was really good. I can break the ice at contacting pretty well now. But now I need to bridge to the gospel.....

For p-day today we went to an archeological museum. There were lots of old rocks there. I was impressed with the ancient tweezers. Even back then, humans were taking care of the necessities. They had bones of the Neanderthals. What do you think about all of that? There was a real life mummy. On the way back we stopped at the store for candy. All in all, a pretty good trip.

We ride the metro a lot. To the park and for p-days. It's interesting to see all the different types of people stuck together in a little box, and not talking to each other.

I really love it here!! I love to learn how to teach, even though it's humbling. I love to try to learn Spanish even though I can't sense any progress. I love feeling the spirit and listening to people who love the gospel speak to us. I love looking at the Spanish people and knowing that it's my job to help them have a happier, more fulfilling life. But it's also a huge responsibility. How much I can progress will determine maybe, how many people I can help.

I love and miss you all!! I'm praying for you and your health.


Spain, Madrid Temple

The temple and the CCM (MTC) are located on the same city block (Madrid's Temple Square).

Skibby and her teacher's sister, Hma. Nunez, standing outside the CCM

Skibby and her companion, Hma. Webster, standing outside a store where they bought candy. :)

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