Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Skibby sent the following email and photos on Monday, November 13, 2017:

Date:  November 13, 2017 at 11:13 AM
Subject:  Another week in wind city

Well, it's been a rather long day, but quite lovely, so I will try to sum things up in about 20 minutes. We've spent the whole day up in the mountains with a very distant uncle of Hna Wihongi's. They are from England. So please take an account because I'm writing in my very best imitation of the way they speak. I'd be pleased if you'd all formulate your words in the proper manner when you say them. You see, they come and live here every 6 months because it gets cold in England. The aunt has quite an extraordinary story which I'll have to tell at a different time. Anyway, they've got a car and offered to drive us up to roque nublo, the highest point on the island, which just fits its name. It was brilliant. Lots of winding roads and trying not to get carsick, but the view was absolutely delightful.

Now, here are the things that happened during the week. Tuesday we had zone conference and had a great time with the whole zone. We flew back that night and Wednesday we met with a really cool guy named Luis who is in English class. He was going to miss class that week, so we saw him and taught him future tense. He told us he's in 1 nefi 8, which was great news. He is reading in the bom and can now conjugate all verbs into the future tense. That's a success if I've ever heard one. Friday we had intercambios with the hermanas from la Laguna. It was fun. We got to visit Sammy who left the next day for Sweden! We're really sad about it because he'll come back in January, but we'll try to visit his girlfriend. And besides, I've got his piano, so we must stay in contact. Then we knocked on a finish person's house on accident. We may try to pass by again, he was lutheran. Sound familiar dad? Can you please send me a few phrases in finish? All I know is kooler and hete luolua. Just some nice light conversation would be fine. Can you believe we have Norwegians, Swedes, Finish, and all other countries present at church? I had the opportunity given to me to translate at the pulpit on Sunday. It was rather difficult, but the Scandinavians said I did all right. I couldn't remember some words in English, so I just said them in Spanish. And when their sentences didn't quite make sense, I just threw in a few details to round things up. All within limits of the spirit, of course.

Well, we also got to teach a lady named Viviana from Venezuela, which was nice because we brought our member Luciano (venezolano) to the lesson and they related very well. We taught the restoration and she said she would read in the bom, so we'll see how she gets along.

Please forgive my terrible English writing. I did the best I could, you know. Their voices have just been ringing in my brain since we've left, but nkw I think I'm going to switch over to good ol' rebellious patriotic American.

Get PUMPED! we spent some time trying to get things planned for this year's ilumina el mundo [Light the World]. GREAT opportunity to share the light of Christ.

We also played futbol and met with a member whose husband died last week. She has a really strong testimony of the plan of salvation. She has kids ages 7 and 6 months.

That's pretty much all. I love and miss you! Thanks for all your prayers!
Have a splendid week.

Skibby with her companion and Sammy

Gran Canaria--the island where Skibby is currently serving

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