Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Skibby sent us the following email & photos on Monday, October 16, 2017.  She will be transferring soon to the Canary Islands! The Canary Islands are located 62 miles off the northwest coast of Africa.

Date:  October 16, 2017 at 10:31 AM
Subject:  Same old same old

Every time we call Jinzuro and ask him how he is he says: same old, same old. 

And everything is same old same old wanna know why? Because, even though I might be changing areas and companions, I will still be in a trio. Pres. Pack says maybe I will be queen of the trios.

It has been a pretty nostalgic week. Here are the highlights.
1. We took Adrian to a ndh [I think “ndh” is an abbreviation for Family Home Evening in Spanish:  Noche de Hogar] last Monday, and invited a member who we thought would be fun. It turns out he's crazy and dominated the whole ndh. It was terrible. Afterwards, Adrian said he was very grateful that we answer his questions.
2. We met with Flor and talked about baptism. She wants to learn more. We ate really good Colombian food. We met with Flor and had a good lesson. I always feel the spirit with Sol. She is 14, but less active.
3. We met with Jinzuro and read Lucas 2 [Luke 2] with him. It was cool because he really doesn't know who Jesus Christ is. 
4. We met with Carolina. She respects what we say about the Sabbath day, but she doesn't feel like it's a commandment that needs to be followed. No obstante [however], she came to church on Sunday. Woohoo!
5. Thursday was festivo!!! We celebrated by playing futbol. Adrián and Jinzuro came. 12 de octubre is a really cool holiday, but our ward is celebrating it next month. The day after playing, my whole body hurt.
6. I gave Ivan his last piano lesson.
7. the rest of the week was just going from one place to the next and eating and eating and eating. I have never felt so full. Kebap, senami's, Yvonne's, in bautismo, y Raul's. It was sad, but good. 
8. Adrián came to church for the first time. It was awesome!!! Afterwards he sent us a text saying he felt very happy and was glad he gave us the chance to show him a different way.

I am leaving. On a jet plane. To Las islas canarias [the Canary Islands]. My companions will be Hna Sam y Wihongi.  Eso es todo [This is all]. 

Have a great week!!!!

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