Thursday, September 14, 2017

Skibby sent the following email & photo on Wednesday, September 13, 2017:

Date:  September 13, 2017 at 11:00 AM
Subject:  Milagros existe!!

Hola Familia! Como estan todos?!?!

I feel like weeks have gone by since I talked to you.

I have only been gone a year, and the world is literally falling apart. Can't we keep it together!?

Here are the 2 biggest miracles:
1-- we set a goal as mission to have 25 baptisms in August. And we worked really hard. We got 26 the last day.
2-- we have been trying to get permission to get ... facebeook.. We got it, and every companionship will get a smartphone!! Really weird. I am excited about the success going up, but not that excited about having to use those things.
3-- President Pack is a miracle worker. My release date has been changed to December 28. I know that that was a really tender mercy, and I'm so excited to be able to make both things work.  [Skibby's original release date was Jan. 9, 2018, but she asked Pres. Pack if she could get released a little earlier so she could attend Emily's wedding on Dec. 29 and also be able to start her semester at Utah State on time, on Jan. 8.] 

Well, I am staying in B6. Hna Koeber is from Utah. That's my first Utah companion. Anyway, she came down from Leon and I am back in trio life. It's taken a little bit of adjusting, but I'm really excited for it, and I feel like this past week has been so busy and crazy with talking to people and doing things, and It's been great. 

Here's a small miracle: we passed by a piso that I have passed by many times. Nobody answered, but then a lady walked in and we talked to her a little bit. Come to find out, it's the lady we were looking for. So we set up an appointment for Monday. That was a miracle. Well Monday she wasn't there. And about 20 minutes later we saw her walking down the street. When she saw us, she obviously hid behind her hair and waved to no one across the street as she passed us. (We were a little farther away, so I didn't say anything) We'll keep trying, but it's a good reminder about how important agency is. It definitely can further or hinder the work of the Lord.

We've met with some new people this week:
Francisco (from Colombia. Here on vacation. Loves God. Told his son he wanted to go on a walk and that he was going to talk to somebody. His son: who?? Well we found him and talked to him on a bench for a while. We gave him a BOM. He goes back to Colombia next week)
Cecilia (traveling back to Peru. We taught her the plan of salvation in her friend's house (member).  We gave her a bom and exhorted her to read it.)

That's about it. Yesterday was a crazy day. We can just say that at one point
1 I was trying to teach Ivan a piano lesson
2 Hna Koeber was helping a member set up a profile for pathways
3 We were supposed to have a lesson with Adrian, but all those things were going on
4 A member was talking to Hna Eckel
5 So Adrian came in and said he would just listen a little bit. 
6 Hna Eckel and the member started singing hymns --- while I was teaching-- and Hna Koeber and the members were talking. It was hectic. Luckily I think Adrian liked it.

My lifelong nightmare of getting stuck in an elevator came true. Luckily I lived through it. Love you all! Have a great week!

mom, can you send me Nate's email address?? love you

Skibby is on the far right.  Next to her is Hermana Eckel.  I am guessing that the next person over is Hermana Koeber, the third member of Skibby's new trio.

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