Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Skibby sent us the following email.  The photos following her email were sent to us by the father of a former Spain Madrid missionary who is currently visiting there with his wife and daughter.

Date:  March 6, 2017 at 9:52 AM
Subject:  Albedrio:  the pros and the cons

Well! It's been another week here in Carabanchel. This morning we went to a little pueblo named el Pardo. We walked around in the gardens outside the Palace where Franco lived. Pretty cool. It would have been cooler if he hadn't been such a bad guy.

We also took a little nature walk and found a river. Our district played baseball with sticks and rocks. Luckily there were no snails.

Well, I know we've seen miracles here. Martha and Jimmy and other people we run into on the street. Little things, but that's how God works. The only problem is, these people also have the choice. We've tried several times, unsuccessfully to come in contact with Jimmy who, after we confirmed the night before and he said he would reconfirm with us the following morning, has not answered the phone. Martha quickly hung up on us when we told her we were missionaries. It makes me think about Alma hijo [son—“the Younger”] and the experience he had with the angel. We always talk about this crowning moment, and truly it was one. But how many times did this also happen to Laman and Lemuel? A bazillion. Those were also miracles, but because of the way they chose to use their agency, nothing changed for them. Alma used this experience to become a different person and it completely changed the church too.

Pros: Some people use their agency for good things. It costs me a little bit more to contact on the bus than it does on the metro. If there has been one thing I have learned this week, it has been this: the bus doors do not wait for you. I have been learning this the hard way all week. You have to be there waiting. I always try to give people our cards too late. Last Wednesday I practically swan dived out the door to avoid separation from my companion. On one of these occasions we were sitting in the bus, and a few people climbed in and sat close. Dije [I said] "Buenos Dias" but then I didn't follow it up with anything so it was a little awkward. I knew I needed to be talking to them, but I didn't really want to. 

I will finish this story and letter next week! Love and miss you all!


Skibby is on the far left, wearing the backpack.
These pictures were taken following a ward Family Home Evening activity at the church.

Skib in the center.  The former Madrid missionary is on the right.

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