Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Skibby sent us the following email on Monday, September 5, 2016:

Mostoles is amazing! Our barrio is amazing. It’s about 40 degrees celsius here daily [104 degrees Farenheit...]. The people on the street are of all sorts of niceness. Some refuse to say hello while others of the viejitos (little old men) are a little too nice. But don’t worry! All is well and I’m figuring out how things are working. My companion and I live alone in a little piso on the 3rd floor. She really is very nice and very loving and very patient. We live next to the biblioteca and a little park. We teach a fair amount of lessons at the park. It’s really pretty.  I'm trying to do good diligent work. Diligence reaps rewards huh? That’s what I’m putting my money on.

Pres. and Sister Pack are amazing!! the main thing I like about them is that they are just normal people doing the work. They don’t act like they’re really great or try to be really spiritual. Just really good down to earth people.

We are starting a choir here in our ward, and apparently I think I’m the pianist. They just elected it and all of this was in Spanish so I didn’t really know what was going on. I miss being able to sing with people who can sing. I hope there will be a few in the choir who can sing!!!

I’m trying to figure our how the best way to work here is. I’m new to all of this stuff, but I really want to change lives and help people. I am really trying to take advantage of every day that I get to wear Christ’s name over my heart. There is a man from Nigeria named Boroku that we are teaching. He owns the fruteria where we buy fruit. His family lives in Nigeria and he hasn’t seen them for about 11 years I think. He has a daughter 16, son 14, and wife and mother. He’s amazing and he works really hard.

Here is my question: the teachings seem simple in my head, but to try to explain them all of a sudden becomes very complicated and you’re never quite sure the investigators really understand what you’re telling them. How can I know how to explain things and help them understand?

love, skib!

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